Saturday, May 18, 2013


This just in: I'm old.  Well, I'm not 20 anymore.  So when Fleetwood Mac decided to pull the drum kit out from storage and tour, I had no problems agreeing to go. 

The Scotiabank Saddledome was actually almost full, which shows that there are either lots of Fleetwood Mac fans still around, even though they haven't had a recent hit in twenty years - or it was Friday on a long weekend a people had nothing else to do.  Either way, the Saddledome was very busy.

They opened up with "Second Hand News" and it was apparent right away that Fleetwood Mac actually wanted to be here - they thanked the crowd, looked relatively happy and could still sing the songs. 

My biggest complaint, as it is with any public event, was the people.  If you want to help society instead of be a dink, here are a few tips to make the concert more enjoyable for everyone:

1. Try flushing the toilet.  There is a little handle on the side of the toilet.  If you pull it, your six pounds of Soviet-Union-era borsche will disappear forever.  It's almost like the person just says, "Wow.  This is the most productive I have been all week.  I will leave this here so future generations can admire my handiwork."  No!  The Louvre is on my bucket list - stall #2 in section 119 is not. 

2. Try showing up on time.  This one is tough.  You know that phone that you are talking into during the entire concert?  It has a clock in there somewhere - probably next to the Angry Birds app or the Cappucino rating website.  Because when the lights go out, and 99% of us are sitting in our seat, we want to watch the expensive concert, not you shuffling down the row in the dark, hoping that this is actually your section. 

3. Try not talking for 90 minutes.  I admit, this one is basically impossible.  The two ladies sitting a few seats over had an anecdote about their kids playing soccer, and it was NOT going to wait just because Lindsay Buckingham has spent thirty years mastering the guitar and now wants to "show off".  Did Timmy win his division 3B intramural game?   I wish Stevie Nicks would stop singing, we need closure on this whole Tiny Mites story. 

Overall, the concert was great.  It was a good mix of playing the hits (Tusk, Gypsy, The Chain, Don't Stop, etc) but they also had a 10-minute drum solo from crazy old guy Mick Fleetwood which was really cool.  (He drums great for 65 years old - or any age). 

By the way - did you know that the "encores" at the concerts are actually set in advance?  They don't just decide to come back out and crank out a hit or two.  So when they leave the stage, and the house lights are all down... chances are very good that they are going to come back.  So when they say "goodnight!" and half the audience gets up and starts leaving, hang tight in the seat.  That way, when they come back for the encore, you aren't one of the legions of people now hanging out in the fire exits, wondering what all that racket is back near the stage.  And after the encore... when the lights come on... the show is over.  You can cheer all you want, but they ain't coming back.  When the light come on, THIS is the big cue to talk about your kid's soccer game.