Friday, May 15, 2015


I love collecting old comic books.  But how old is old?  I have heard countless times from friends to proclaim that they have a stack of old comic books, and then when I check the books out, they are from 2005.  That's not really "vintage."  Then they wonder why there is a middle-aged man sitting along in their basement laughing and laughing.  Get out of my house, jerk.

One relatively easy (and quick) way to see how old your comic books are is to check out the date on the cover.  It's not perfect, but it will give you a general idea on the age of the book.

Golden Age (1930s - 1950s) = 10 cents

Silver Age (1960s) = 12 cents & 15 cents


Bronze Age (1970s) = 20 cents, 25 cents, 30 cents

Copper Age (1980s) = 60 cents, 75 cents, $1.00

Modern (1990s and later) = $1.00, over a dollar

Again, this is just a rough guide—and an excuse to enjoy some cool comic book covers!  Most new comic books won't ever be worth a ton of money, but some will!

My personal favorites of all are the Marvel "20 cent" covers.  I just love the combination of "teaser" words at the bottom with the beautiful illustrations.