Sunday, July 12, 2015

Creepy Comic Book Ads

One of the best parts about reading old comic books are the advertisements.  I dug out an old Batman comic from the 1970s and was thoroughly enjoying the Dark Knight beating up some bad guys, but I have to say, I had forgotten about x-ray glasses and practical joke kits.  As a kid, I thought these were awesome!  As an adult... they are kind of weird and creepy.  Which make them entertaining for entirely different reasons. 

Creepy ads on the left, Batman on the right.  Perfect.


Hey parents!  If you think Superman and Batman are warping the minds of youngsters... check out the ad for counterfeit money printing.  Here we have what looks to be a completely-legitimate printing press that churns out legal tender.  Don't ask why the company is selling this state-of-the-art machine for $1.25, and why the business can't just print their own $1.25 is beyond me.  I guess that's why I am not running a successful mail-order business—but hey, their loss is little Johnny's gain. 

Secret Spy Scope

Ha ha, little Ritchie is growing up and learning about birds, bees and the right to privacy!  Hey, if the girl next door is sitting in her own backyard and trying to live her life, she is pretty much asking for trouble.  That is the type of message that buyers of the Secret Spy Scope are thinking as they wait for the mailman, patiently hoping that the federal government will drop off the device needed to look at boobies before the invention of the internet and cable TV. 

Skin Head Wig

My only complaint about this product is the marketing.  That is the best name that you can come up with, only 30 years after the end of World War II and right after the American Civil Rights marches?  

Raquel Welch Pillow

How does a kid ask his parents for this for Christmas?  I was going to take a better picture of the words in the ad, but then again, what's the point—if a teenage boy is buying a Raquel Welch pillow, I am pretty sure we all know why.  The most disturbing part of this is the part of the ad that says "Keep her for yourself or show her to your friends—liven up a party..."  Hey there Reggie, thank you so much for bringing the pillow to the house party!  Tell you what: let's throw it in the fire pit before any of our guests come into contact with it.