Sunday, December 9, 2012

Up & Running

Well hello!  I feel like a caveman who is peeking his scruffy head out of a cave.  Why are all these ape people walking around upright?  I guess I had better stand up too.  I finally have joined Twitter and started this blog - all in a shameless attempt to get people to buy my books.  Love me!  LOVE ME!

My website is and I am proud to announce that I have finally cranked out my novel that I have been "tweaking" for the past year.  More accuratey, my girlfriend and I bought a house last year and every waking moment has been spent ripping up carpet, painting, laying down carpet, and more painting.  Thankfully it is minus four hundred degrees outside, so no one can do any yard work.  I am hunkered down for the next six months in snowy Calgary and figure I should get busy writing.  So far I am up to about 200 words (including this blog entry).  Woo hoo! 

My book is available at